Trampoline Accidents – America’s Most Dangerous Toy

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Trampolines are fun, but when used incorrectly can be quite dangerous and lead to serious injuries. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), “Trampolines should never be used unless athletes are being supervised in training for a sport like diving or gymnastics.”

Recently over the years, the number of trampoline injuries has increased significantly, which has led to broken arms, legs, ankles, and other parts of the body. Injuries can also include trauma to the neck, head and spinal cord, with some resulting in permanent paralysis including death. The most common user of trampolines is children, which are the ones who suffer from these types of injuries the most. Due to this risk, pediatricians across the country have published various studies on the issue of why children should not use them. The following seven statistics were among some of the most serious findings:

  1. Trampolines continue to cause hundreds of thousands of injuries every year. According to, even after adding the safety nets, there is not much of a difference when it comes to the number of injuries caused by trampolines. Just in the year 2006, reports provided by the Consumer Product Safety Review stated the estimated number of injuries was 109,522 from ages across the board from younger than 4 to older than 65. However, from 2002 to 2011, there were more than 1 million people who sought emergency treatment due to some type of trampoline-related accident.


  1. Nearly 93 percent of the fractures seen in children under the age of 16 are related to trampolines.


  1. More than one person jumping might be fun; however, it is the cause of 75 percent of trampoline injuries: Human nature is to show off when people are around friends or family. This can cause an issue when children are doing stunts, or even when multiple people are jumping at the same time. The likelihood of a spinal-cord injury happening increases exponentially when stunts are attempted or when a person falls off a trampoline.


  1. Children 6 and younger should not be allowed on a trampoline. As children are growing, bones are not as strong as someone who is older and more developed. According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, “the smallest jumpers are at a greater risk ” Of all injuries that are found in children under the age of 6, approximately 15 percent of those are related to trampolines. For accidents evaluated in the emergency room, up to 37 percent are young patients involved in trampoline-related accidents. The highest risk of serious injury in young children is spine and leg fractures.


  1. Permanent neurological damage occurs in 1 out of 200 injuries. Injuries to the head and neck are the most dangerous and even more permanent than the common sprain, contusion, or fracture. Head and neck injuries account for 10-15 percent of all related trampoline injuries and can potentially lead to permanent neurological damage or lasting cervical spine injuries.


  1. Injuries increase yearly due to trampoline accidents, and over 4 percent of injury victims are admitted to the hospital instead of being just treated in the emergency room. In a 2016 study, admission to the hospital, whether it is for surgery or serious pain, can happen regardless of whether the location of the accident is at a trampoline park or at an individual’s home.


  1. Trampoline injuries happen at the injured victim’s home more than 95 percent of the time.

Trampolines may be fun, but the risk is too great to take a chance when it comes to your family’s safety. Knowledge is key, and people need to be aware of the risks involved and the potential harm that can be caused from a trampoline accident.


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