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Many factors can contribute to a premises liability lawsuit. The elements that make up a premise liability claim are complex and sometimes hard for the general public to clearly detect. Experienced attorneys, though, know exactly how to zero in on the causes of such claims – and how to hold the involved parties responsible for their actions. What does it mean for a property owner to exercise ordinary care? What responsibility do they have to you and to the public at large?

When property owners are aware of potentially hazardous conditions that could lead to injuries, they have an obligation to make necessary repairs. That legal obligation is in place to protect you from harm. Have you been injured on someone’s property? If a property owner failed to provide adequate lighting or security, you may have a case. If they failed to keep their property in good repair, mend cracked or broken sidewalks, or ensure their property is structurally sound, you may have a premises liability claim that will compensate you for injuries you suffered.

If you believe you have a potential lawsuit, take immediate action. Because Oklahoma law limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit and recover losses, swift action is warranted. The more time that passes between the date of your incident and the date of your claim, witness memories fade, and evidence grows cold. In a large time gap, clandestine repairs could be made that might call the validity of your claim into dispute. Taking swift action makes it easier to fully document – and determine who is at fault for – your injuries.

What Conditions Constitute Fault In A Premises Liability Case?

  • Poorly maintained surfaces resulting in slips and falls
  • Unsafe swimming areas
  • Inadequate fire detection
  • Improper warnings and signage
  • Broken stairs, escalators or elevators
  • Hazardous chemicals or toxic environments

What Should You Do If You’re Injured On Someone Else’s Property?

If you sustain an injury on someone else’s property, you can bolster your claim by doing a few key things. Take photos that document the site of the incident. Your photos should capture the property where you were injured as well as the condition of the property, roadways, and walkways. You should also take photos of your injuries and consult an attorney with experience in premises liability claims. Property owners are legally responsible for providing you with an expectation of safety and with a reasonably safe environment. Enforcing a premises liability claim requires a thorough knowledge of Oklahoma’s premises liability laws and statutes. Those laws have nuances and subtleties that require specific legal knowledge.

Accidents on a neglected property can lead to broken bones, head trauma, back and spinal cord injuries, or loss of personal property. Those are only a sampling of the injuries one might suffer on improperly cared for property. You and your family deserve to receive compensation for diminished capacity of life, loss of life, or catastrophic injury. Whether your accident took place at a shopping mall, retail establishment, construction site, or private residence, the law offers protections and remedies for you.

How is Premises Liability Determined?

An injury that occurred due to unforeseeable danger coupled with a lack of straightforward accountability may provide the grounds you need for a premises liability lawsuit. In these cases, proof of a property owner’s negligence is key to a successful settlement. We must be able to establish that dangerous conditions exist, and that the owner was, or should have been, aware of those conditions.

Whether you are an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser, when an expectation of safety is not met, you could get hurt. If that happens, call Larby & Associates at (918) 796-5780 for a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your claim. We have over ten years of experience fighting for justice for our clients. We put that decade of experience to work fighting for the maximum financial compensation you deserve.


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