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Defective Products

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As a consumer, you rely on product manufacturers to fully disclose the potential dangers and side effects of their products. When that is not done, manufacturers and retailers are liable for defective products regardless of the actions of the users of the defective products. If you or someone you love has been injured or died due to poorly manufactured products, defective products, or dangerous drugs, you are entitled to compensation. Responsible parties in a defective products lawsuit can include the product manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, or physician who prescribed the wrong medication or medication dosage.

Faulty design and overlooked safeguards can lead to harm, injury, or death, for innocent consumers. Defectives products generally fall into three categories. The first category is made up of products that contain a manufacturing defect. The second category includes products that contain a design flaw or imperfection. The third category encompasses products that are incorrectly labeled or failed to provide sufficient warnings on their proper use.

You are entitled to file a defective product lawsuit, and recoup damages if you were injured while using a product as it was intended, and an injury occurred. You may also have a claim if you suffered a significant injury and if the product was not altered from the time of purchase. If your life has been affected due to the use of defective products, we will stand with you and fight for the justice you deserve.

Types of Product Defects

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects
  • Failure to indicate dangers
  • Contaminated food products

Types of Defective Products

  • Talcum powder
  • Defective drugs
  • Electric power tools
  • Industrial tools and equipment
  • Consumer electronic equipment
  • Products with unguarded nip-points
  • Products with inadequate warning labels

You may wonder what constitutes a defective products lawsuit. Product liability does not occur when a product simply underperforms. It occurs when a product is defective, malfunctions, or causes injury. The innocent use of defective products can leave you with serious injuries and the inability to care for yourself or your family. You may also find yourself unable to work and support yourself. If your family depends on your income, this financial loss can be distressing. Medical bills can quickly overwhelm your budget and leave your entire family financially depleted. The manufacturers and retailers of the defective product in question must bear that responsibility. That is where we come in.

If you have been injured by an irresponsibly manufactured, poorly designed or improperly labeled product, call us today. We take your claim seriously, thoroughly investigate all possible causes, and fight for every legal remedy to which you are rightfully entitled. When you choose us to represent you, your claim gets the attention it requires to ensure the monetary award you deserve. For a free no-cost or obligation consultation regarding your case, contact the experienced attorneys at Larby & Associates at (918) 796-5780


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