Dealing with Insurance Adjusters – The Things Not to Say

More often than not, insurance companies are not your friend, especially if the representative on the other end of the line attempts to play the role of one. Once an accident happens, the first call that you will typically receive is from the other party’s insurance company. Unfortunately, the agent on the phone is often […]

Trampoline Accidents – America’s Most Dangerous Toy

Trampolines are fun, but when used incorrectly can be quite dangerous and lead to serious injuries. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), “Trampolines should never be used unless athletes are being supervised in training for a sport like diving or gymnastics.” Recently over the years, the number of trampoline injuries has increased significantly, […]

Common Myths in Personal Injury Cases

Many myths exist concerning personal injury claims in the United States.  Whether it is the result of wildly reported news stories, advise from family or a friend who has gone through the judicial process, or by just not knowing how the law applies in the context of a personal injury claim, myths have developed and […]