Bicycles & Injuries: The Two Wheel Trap for Motorists

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“The mission of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is to provide a safe, economical and effective transportation network for the people, commerce and communities of Oklahoma. That commitment extends to pedestrians and bicyclists. The department is continually looking for opportunities to include pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure when feasible within its construction projects to make all modes of transportation safer.”

Here in Oklahoma, it is recognized that cycling is a great mode of transportation and form of exercise. While cycling is obviously an efficient and health-conscious way to get around, due to the nature of the activity – it exposes riders to a more significant risk of injury, especially while riding in areas with heavy traffic.

Bicycle accidents of any variety can result in serious injuries or even fatal outcomes. Outside of helmets, most cyclists are largely unprotected when a collision occurs. While wearing a helmet and other pads is encouraged and will almost certainly help in some bicycle accidents, severe injuries and death still occurs.

Common bicycle accident injuries can include but are not limited to the following:

Traumatic Brain and Head Injuries
Bicycle accidents often result in head lacerations, skull fractures, and in severe cases, even traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). While cyclists can reduce the risks by wearing a helmet, there is still great risk of incurring an injury if a rider hits their head with enough force. This one reason alone provides cause that anytime you hit your head in any type of collision, to have it checked out by a medical professional. Most often some of the most dangerous injuries in the brain and head cannot be seen by the naked eye and professionals use other diagnostic tools to make sure you don’t have something more serious going on that can show up later and cause damage.

Neck Injuries
Being on two wheels is drastically different than riding in an enclosed vehicle with a wheelbase for 4. Wrecks involving a bicycle can cause sudden and severe changes of direction which is very hard on your neck, which can result in injuries similar to whiplash or worse.

Internal Injuries
Any accident which includes hitting a moving or stationary item can result in blunt force trauma, which can damage bones, skin and internal organs. Remember, being on a bicycle means that you are not protected with walls or a roof, thus exposing you to more contact with any item you may collide with.

Back Injuries
A fall from a bicycle, hitting an object, or crashing into another vehicle (2 wheels or 4) can cause injuries to the rider’s back, neck and shoulders.

Broken Bones
The hands, arms, and legs of a cyclist are exposed when they are riding. Gloves, helmets and pads can help create a buffer but are cumbersome and not used nearly as often as they should be in some situations. This exposure creates more opportunities for broken bones and other injuries in a bike accident.

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