5 Reasons You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

A routine trip to the grocery store can become a nightmare if you slip and fall. An innocent walk around the block can become a treacherous journey if you trip over a piece of broken sidewalk. Panic can set in when a neighbor’s out of control dog suddenly attacks you. All these examples have three things in common. They each have the unexpected potential to turn a routine task into a catastrophe. They each form the potential for recovery through a personal injury lawsuit. They each require the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.

In the face of any of the above situations, you may be tempted to negotiate on your own for a financial settlement. It might seem easier to settle your claim quickly, rather than go through the proper legal channels. Before you go down that irreversible road, consider these four reasons you want an experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney on your side.

  1. A Personal Injury Attorney Relentlessly Pursues Your Best Interests
    Let’s face one ugly truth. Insurance companies have one goal in mind. Their goal is to make a minimum settlement and pay out a minimal amount. They typically have only their own best financial interests in mind. The attorney you hire to fight on your behalf has another focus – YOU. An experienced personal injury attorney guarantees you’ll receive professional representation. The attorney’s goal is to obtain a fair settlement that fully compensates you the physical, emotional, and financial trauma you’ve suffered through no fault of your own. Your attorney works for you to demand the maximum recovery you can receive.
  2. An Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney Understands Oklahoma Law
    While you’re on the road to recovery, your attorney can expertly navigate Oklahoma’s laws and regulations. Hiring a local attorney means you don’t have to worry about the nuances and intricacies of state law. Instead, you get to focus on recovering from the aftermath of your injuries. The laws that dictate what you can expect from a personal injury case vary widely from state to state. An attorney who knows Oklahoma law is the smartest, safest way to ensure you receive the maximum financial award for your injuries, pain, and income loss.
  3. A Personal Injury Attorney Knows The True Value of Your Case
    Attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases have years of experience under their belt. They know how to accurately value each individual portion of your claim. If you deal with the insurance company on your own, they are likely to offer you one lump settlement. An experienced attorney knows that your personal injury claim covers a multitude of losses and expenses. These might include medical bills, loss of income, and loss of (or damage to) personal property. You might also be entitled to pain and suffering. An attorney who specializes in personal injury cases has the knowledge and skill to see that you are fairly compensated for the full value of your claim.
  4. A Personal Injury Attorney Can Successfully Navigate Complex Legalities
    For laypeople, the process of civil litigation can be daunting, to say the least. Those complexities could include, initiating the lawsuit, complying with the legalities of state laws, and filing in a timely fashion. If you’re unfamiliar with the court system, the intricacies that come with a lawsuit might even deter you from filing one. That means the insurance companies lowball offer might become more tempting. You don’t have to fight huge insurance companies on your own. A skilled attorney can quickly and easily navigate the courts and legal system on your behalf.
  5. Personal Injury Attorneys Have Access To A Plethora of Resources
    Personal injury attorneys have resources that ease the load for them and pave the way to success for you. They have other attorneys and paralegals on staff. They also have support staff that helps your case move smoothly through the court system. From receptionists, to board-certified physicians, every member of their staff is committed to a successful outcome for you. The experts you need to substantiate your claim are only as far away as your lawyer’s office.

If you’ve been injured due to the fault or negligence of another person or business, call us. One phone call can put the help you need at your disposal quickly. We’ll hold the insurance company to account for your suffering. It can be an enormous, seemingly insurmountable, challenge for a layperson to succeed against an insurance giant. We fight for you and ensure the person or business responsible for your injury fairly and fully compensates you.


Our firm specializes in personal injury lawsuits. Call Larby & Associates today at (918) 796-5780. We aggressively pursue the maximum allowable financial package for you. We know the law, we respect our clients, and we go to bat for them.

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