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Employment Law

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Business owners and corporations have a lot on their plates. One of their biggest concerns is fair employment practices. That includes adherence to employment laws that protect the rights of employees and businesses. It also ensures fair hiring and labor practices and safe working environments. Employment laws further ensure that employees meet certain requirements and performance benchmarks for their employers. Employment law covers every facet of employer-employee relationships. Further, it covers most workplace activity.

Because employment laws involve many different parties, the laws that govern employment are varied and multifaceted. Local, state, and federal regulations may seem to clash with each other. Although federal laws are likely to take precedence over state or local laws, in many instances, an employer is left to decipher which law takes precedence in a given situation. These laws are in place to serve everyone, but often not everyone in an employment dispute feels equally represented. There are balances of power and responsibility in play, as well as circumstances that can seem complicated to interpret.

As a manager or business owner, the responsibility of compliance with the current employment law falls on your shoulders. Managers and employers rely on these laws to enforce contracts and define duties of loyalty and trustworthiness. Those laws, though, are constantly changing and evolving. As an employee, you might base your job security on the strength of expectations of conduct and contractual obligations on the part of your employer.

Common Employment Law Disputes

  • Discrimination complaints (EEOC)
  • Harassment
  • Hostile workplace
  • Workplace injuries
  • Wrongful termination
  • Unpaid overtime (wage disputes)
  • Contracts, including (NDA and non-compete clauses)

What Is Employment Law

Employment laws regulate the relationship between employer and employee. They encompass individual employment contracts, issues of discrimination, minimum and fair wages, number of permissible working hours, and employee health and safety. It provides order and structure and defines the boundaries of exchanging labor for compensation. It strives to keep the workplace free from abuse, neglect, and racial, gender, or disability-based discrimination.

No matter which side of an employment law dispute you find yourself on, you’ll feel pressure mounting in the face of potential litigation. An attorney with experience on both sides of employment law disputes will help you find your way. Whether as a defendant or plaintiff, selecting the right legal team is the smartest tactic you can employ.

At Larby & Associates, our experience speaks for itself. We constantly review, research, and stay abreast of changes in employment law. This diligence allows us to understand how regulations affect workers and business owners alike. If you’re an employer facing a lawsuit we have the experience and skill to protect your interests. If you’re an employee who was unfairly dismissed or suffered undue harassment or abuse at work, we can help.  Call us today for a free consultation (918) 796-5780.


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